Text Analysis

About Course

This course is an introduction to the field of text analysis, also known as text mining or natural language processing (NLP). Students will learn how to extract meaning from text data using a variety of techniques, including regular expressions, string manipulation, and machine learning. By the end of the course, students will be able to analyze text data and create models that can classify, extract, or summarize text.
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What I will learn?

  • Course Outcomes:
  • 1. Understand the basics of natural language processing and text mining
  • 2. Be able to extract information from text using regular expressions and string manipulation
  • 3. Understand the basics of machine learning and how it can be applied to text data
  • 4. Be able to create models that classify, extract, or summarize text
  • 5. Understand common evaluation metrics used to evaluate text analysis models

Course Curriculum

Day 1: Introduction to NLP and Text Mining

Day 2: Text Preprocessing

Day 3: Text Representation

Day 4: Text Classification

Day 5: Text Extraction and Summarization

Day 6: Evaluation Metrics and Applications

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Material Includes

  • * Basic programming experience in Python/R
  • * Basic knowledge of statistics and machine learning


Target Audience

  • The target audience for a text analysis course can vary depending on the specific focus. Generally, anyone interested in learning about text analysis and its applications.


Data Science - Text Analysis


August 1 - August 10


5-10 Days



This course provides a practical and applied approach to quantitative text analysis using R. The course focuses on converting texts into quantitative features and analysing it using statistical methods.  The learners will be have hands on analysis of real text and analysing it using programming language R.  

Learning outcomes: After successful completion of the program, the learners will be able:

  • To conduct text analysis from start to finish. 
  • Use the latest statistical tool and approach to text analysis. 

The program is ideal for those who want to generate insights  text analysis technique. The course will be relevant to:

  1. mid-level to senior professionals who are involved in making/influencing decisions.
  2. Research Professionals 

Thinley Choedhen, Founder of Druk Learning